IrisQuest brings to its clients a unique operational model that combines both thought and action—advisory and hands-on services delivery. We think and implement on behalf of our clients and are proud of our multiple industry practices.

Our solutions go beyond beyond sales, business development or outsourcing/ offshoring. We help our customers develop strong relationships that add lasting value for all stakeholders.

  • We are backed with deep industry experiences and critical industry-specific insights
  • We aim to build self-sustaining mechanisms for our clients.
  • We aim to build our business on the basis of our client’s growth.

We also undertake mergers and acquisitions activities.


Automatic, intelligent
image enhancement and ink saving solution

The curated market intelligence platform


We assist publishers and content providers in setting-up or improving their capabilities, formulating and improving operational plans and setting-up or improving structures, systems and processes.

We help identify functions that can be outsourced and seek innovative ways and means to cut costs.

We take on end-to-end responsibility for setting up of publishing services capability. We focus on long-term project feasibility, cost savings and scale-up or exit possibilities.

  • We are a full-service provider for educational content and delivery at the highest level of quality at a competitive cost.
  • Our strengths are solid quality assurance, process knowledge and cross-media deliverables.
  • Continuous evaluation of our teams enables us to bridge the offshore-onshore information gap and create truly global profitable products.

About Us

The Force behind Irisquest

We at IrisQuest believe in exceeding the expectations of our customers. We understand that every client’s need is unique and requres special attention. Hence IrisQuest has developed a mix of very talented professionals who are experts in their respective fields for supporting you in every way.

Core Team

S.Ravindran, Co-founder, Principal Consultant

“Ravi” holds over 20 years of multi-faceted experience in the content and print-publishing industry. He has managed large software R&D and QA teams and has been responsible for multiple senior management functions. Ravi is a master in printing technology and software.

Sandeep Ahuja, Co-founder, Consultant

Over 25 years multiple leadership experiences working with large, diversified multi-national companies. Previously India head of a top multi-national education company. Studied Economics, and Mathematics from Delhi Unversity and is an MBA.

Biplab Saha, Consultant

Over 15 years’ varied experience in businesses ranging from manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services and publishing – both in India and the US. Biplab is a B.Tech in Textile Technology, and an MBA from IIT, Delhi.

Edgar Sanchez, Consultant – Software

Edgar is a software “Guru” with over 18 years of experience in almost all aspects related to software. He has managed multiple complex software solutions and their releases together with implementations. Edgar is based in Spain, engaged in service delivery to IT BPO and outsourcing industry.

Bhaskaran, Consultant

A thorough print professional with over 20 years’ experience managing people, technology and processeses in the printing industry. Baskaran has developed and honed his skills – evolving and changing with the ever-evolving print industry. He is a printing technologist based at Chennai successfully running a printing press.

Mohit Bhakuni, Advisor – SaaS

Mohit is the founder and CEO of Contify and is responsible for growth and strategy. He plays a key role in developing long-term complimentary roadmaps which direct engineering decisions. Mohit started his career with Deloitte in the US. Prior to founding Contify, he held leadership roles at The Indian Express group and Hindustan Times. He is a graduate of IIT Delhi and INSEAD.

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