Kolor-D is a unique rule-based expert-system with in-built artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic for automatic image enhancement

  • Analyses each image using advanced intelligent digital imaging algorithms
  • Automatically performs image correction
  • Deduces automatically which tool to use as well as the value of the needed optimal parameters
  • Emulates the decision-making of a graphics-art expert
  • Takes into account the subjective phenomenon of human visual perception and psychological elements
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Advanced Intelligent Solutions that Enhance Profitability—

  • Intelligent automatic image correction
  • Advanced color controls
  • Advanced color transformations
  • Significant, 40-60 per cent ink saving
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Technology derived from deep experiences of Digital Imaging and Color Science technological expertise

Adds Value —

  • Better quality
  • Faster production
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Very easy to deploy and use

Kolor-D: Key Features

  • Exposure: Over/under exposure
  • Dark/Light details: Control on dark details in the image
  • Adaptive Sharp: Sharpen and smooth
  • Color matching, color cast
  • Adaptive Brightness/Contrast
  • Hue and White Balance
  • Ability to retain existing exif and IPTC data or add new data
  • Ability to retain existing exif and IPTC data or add new data
  • Cropping and scaling
  • Customized Skin-tone

Winner of DIMA award, PMA 2005, USA


Photo-D is previous Version of Kolor-D

Happy Clients…

Otto Engelhard – Managing Director, Otterbach (Germany)

“…We have already successfully integrated the solution with outstanding results in our workflow process. By using Kolor-D it was possible to significantly increase efficiency.”

Cemil Ates Kartal – CEO, Trans-Image (Germany)

“…offers a perfect solution with their KOLOR-D software”

Harald Dau, Managing Director, Albert Bauer Companies – abc (Germany)

“…We are impressed with the science powering KOLOR-D that delivers accurate, crisp and natural images to please our customers.”

Silke Kassuba – Manager Production, Der Spiegel magazine (Germany), 1 million weekly

“…Faster and more cost-efficient we could hardly produce….”
“…For many years the Imaging department has worked smoothly with this technology…the SW deploys numerous automatic functions with the hot-folders system..”

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